Basic Map

You must define container ID, latitude and longitude of the map's center.

You also can define zoom, width and height. By default, zoom is 15. Width an height in a CSS class will replace these values.

Map types are defined in the mapType property. Allowed values are: roadmap (default), satellite, hybrid and terrain.

Info Window

A basic example of using a single info window for 3 markers.

Street View

Example of creating google map - street view

Point-of-view updates when you pan around

Bicycle Layer

The Maps JavaScript API allows you to add bicycle information to your maps using the BicyclingLayer object.

The BicyclingLayer renders a layer of bike paths, suggested bike routes and other overlays specific to bicycling usage on top of the given map

Traffic Layer

The Maps JavaScript API allows you to add real-time traffic information (where supported) to your maps using the TrafficLayer object.

Traffic information is refreshed frequently,but not instantly. Rapid consecutive requests for the same area are unlikely to yield different results.


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