A basic pagination with active item


Pagination with seprated Next and Previous icons

To make space between seprated icons of pagination use .previous class for the first item and .next for the last item

Without Border

To create pagination without border, use .pagination-borderless class alongwith .paginationclass.

Color Option

To add pagination with different color option, use class .pagination-{colorName} with .pagination class.

Pagination Positions

use classes .justify-content-{direction} with .pagination to align your pagination

Left Aligned
Center Aligned
Right Aligned

Pagination Sizes

Add .pagination{sm | lg} along with .pagination for small or large size pagination.For Default size no classes required.

Pagination Sizes With Border


How can we help? 😄

7:45 AM

Hey John, I am looking for the best admin template.

Could you please help me to find it out? 🤔

7:50 AM

Stack admin is the responsive bootstrap 4 admin template.

8:01 AM